Is there a Skills Shortage in Cyber Security?

Is there a Skills Shortage in Cyber Security? Image 1

Time and time again, we are asked if there is a skills shortage in cyber security, or how long it will take to find people with a particular skill or a set amount of experience.

It’s true that in our industry there are skills that are almost impossible to find. Moreover, technology is evolving so swiftly and as a consequence, the technical knowledge and security skills required needs to evolve to stay a step ahead. This doesn’t mean that the skills you need aren’t out there. You just need to know where to look and how to search for them. It’s also important to determine which skills are essential, and which can be learnt. Instead of being hung up on details such as “10 years experience” or “must have CREST or OSCP, QSA or CISA”, instead look for the right attitude and aptitude. 

We recommend our clients technically assess candidates to ensure they have the fundamental skills and the right kind of smarts. It’s also important to gauge how the person thinks about and approaches a situation and beyond that, evaluate how they communicate when problem solving. Here at the Decipher Bureau our team has been finding and recruiting IT specialists for nearly 50 years collectively, and over 20 of those years have been specifically focused on identifying information and cyber security talent in Australia and beyond.

We’ve helped banks to hire Regional Security Leads, global consultancies to identify their Head of Incident Response and one of the fastest growing start-ups in the Middle East to hire a number of Cyber Security Leads. We have 5,000+ security resources on our database, so we have the edge when it comes to searching for security specialists, be it a Head of Security Strategy or a Threat Intelligence expert. We are continually searching for the best security talent on the market so if you have a role that you’re finding hard to fill, or even if you’re keen to discuss what you may be looking for in the future, please get in touch.

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Matt Dunham is a Director at Decipher Bureau. Working with senior security professionals in banks, telcos, IT vendors, SIs and consultancies across APAC, the Middle East, Europe and the US, Matt has gained a unique perspective on the challenges ­ and opportunities ­ that (cyber) businesses face around the world.