Cyber security specialists are in high demand.

They keep companies safe from threats. Reduce the risk of disruptive attacks.

Or help lead profitable innovation.

But a SIEM Engineer isn’t the same as a SOAR Engineer. An IT Auditor isn’t a GRC Consultant. And an Incident Responder isn’t the same as a Threat Intel Manager.

These people are different and often hard to find.

That’s where we come in.


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Setting the benchmark

We’re a recruitment and professional services consultancy specialising in cyber security and risk. We match the right people to the right roles. But that’s not all we do. We’re invested in the industry too – helping individuals and organisations adapt as cyber security and risk evolve.

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What makes us different

For organisations

We filter out the noise to uncover the right people and advise on how to build the right kind of teams. We have one of the most extensive networks of cyber security and risk professionals in the industry. They’re entry-level hackers who are technically gifted. They’re compliance officers focused on risk. And they’re CISOs who translate the language of cyber security for large enterprises.

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For individuals

We introduce you to the kind of people you want to work with. Our clients are as diverse as they are influential. They can be boutique tech companies, start-ups or global corporations. But unlike others, for us it’s not about numbers. It’s about finding you the right opportunity and helping you secure it.

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For everyone

We’re proud to be an active part of the industry. Sponsoring events like BSides and CrikeyCon. Promoting diversity through equal opportunities and groups like FITT and the TechGirls Movement. And engaging with the cyber security and risk community through the AISA and AWSN.

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How we deliver


Our network of candidates is second to none. And we can support you with individual short-term requirements through to full-scale cyber transformation teams. We know the market well, give sound advice and will act quickly on your behalf.

Permanent Hires

We take the risk out of long-term appointments. With the market short on talent, it’s essential to avoid making mistakes when hiring permanent staff. That’s why we get to know our candidates properly so we only ever recommend the right people.

Retained Search

We'll take the time to understand the DNA of your organisation and then work collaboratively to secure executives who actually fit your culture. Combining powerful analytics, professional marketing and proper networking. we'll give you an exclusive shortlist of top people.

Professional Services

We can provide people with the specific cyber or risk skills you need for drafting cyber policies, improving your security posture or enhancing business resilience. Whether you need a strategist, engineer or governance specialist for a month or a full turn-key solution for six months, we can call on people across the full cyber security stack. Even at short notice.

Meet the team

The Decipher Bureau has offices in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne with an experienced team who’ve worked around the world. Take a look below to find out more about the person behind the smile.

Matt Dunham Photo

Matt Dunham

Managing Director

Loves football, Andrea Bocelli and SE Asia

Excited by cyber security since 2002 

Wants to help build teams across APAC

Paul Jenkins Photo

Paul Jenkins


Loves Cricket, Cooking & Cyber Cons

20 years of recruiting across Risk & Tech

Mentor for new entrants into Cyber

Craig Whyte Photo

Craig Whyte

Associate Director

10 Years + recruiting Tech and Cyber across London and Sydney

Classically trained guitarist turned house music DJ

Loves Premier League Football and finding Cyber Unicorns

Marcus Lavalle-Smith Photo

Marcus Lavalle-Smith

Principal Consultant / QLD Office

From Tropical North Queensland

Heavily involved with QLD security community

Top 50 NRL tippers in Australia

Michael Pearman Photo

Michael Pearman


10+ years in the recruitment game

House & techno nerd

Smiles often, laughs frequently, sometimes inappropriately

Harry  Weston Photo

Harry Weston

Senior Consultant / NSW Office

A Southerner from the UK, from Poole in Dorset.

5 years' Consulting in Software Engineering

PL Football & Crypto enthusiast

Jasmine McCrudden Photo

Jasmine McCrudden

Senior Consultant

Happiest when camping, kayaking or skiing.

Passionate about advancing women in cyber security. 

A seasoned traveller who has explored more than 25 countries.

Kris  Rosentreter Photo

Kris Rosentreter

Consultant / VIC Office

Loves overseas travel and has lived and worked in North America.

A passion for making people laugh

Experienced in customer service and relationship management

Jake  Reid Photo

Jake Reid

Consultant / NSW Office

Has been a waterski and wakeboard teacher in North America 

Loves working in a team that's striving towards a common goal

Dedicated espresso martini enthusiast 

Lucy Gadsden Photo

Lucy Gadsden


Foodie and nature lover 

Passionate about an inclusive society where we all achieve our version of creative vibes. 

Experienced in both recruitment and child wrangling

Raisa  Honorato Photo

Raisa Honorato

Office Manager

Loves Snowboarding, Gym and Yoga.

Enjoys learning about Neuroscience and psychology.

Passionate about process improvement and helping people.

Sam Holmes Photo

Sam Holmes

Creative Director

Sam is obsessed with rescue greyhounds.

Top of her bucket list is a journey around India.  

Loves anything metallic and the power of words.

Collaborate with shared intelligence