Cyber Security News Roundup

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RSA Conference – Singapore

Last week saw the RSA conference for Cyber Security held in Singapore with attendance as high as ever before for speakers and guests representing the Cyber Security industry across Asia Pacific and Japan.

There were more than 100 speakers across 79 sections related to Cyber Security including Cloud, Mobile and IOT. It was the fifth event of its nature and had a huge focus on the Government’s role in Cyber Security; Policy, Government and Regulations.

Several government speakers attended to give their overview on current issues and strategies moving forward. For more information on the event and key speakers, see here:

Sweden Exposed Sensitive Data on Citizens and The Military:

Sweden revealed that there was a major privacy breach that saw sensitive information on its Citizen’s and the Swedish military leaked to both companies and individuals outside of the nation.

This Cyber Security breach was announced to be the result of Sweden’s transport authority using IBM’s cloud services and then IBM using sub - contractors based in the Czech Republic and Romania. The sub-contractors were not supposed to have access to this information but the Swedish Government just asked them to manually delete the sensitive information rather than carrying out any further investigation or changing the access available to the sub contractors.

Sweden’s government knew all about this but kept it very quiet. Maria Agren, who was Director of IT at the Transport department in Sweden decided to step down from her position!

Madiant – A Cyber Security Firm Got Hacked

Mandiant – A leading Cyber Security firm owned by Fireye has been directly targeted by Hackers. A threat analyst was hacked with reports of several of the researcher's online accounts, including Hotmail, OneDrive, Outlook and LinkedIn, the latter of which resulted in webpage defacement.

Mandiant have stated that there has been no damage done as yet in regards to their network’s information or their own organisations information.

For more information:

Women in Cyber are mainly positive about their working experience:

The hot topic of diversity in the industry shows that Women are enjoying their roles in Cyber and despite reports of negativity around Women being undervalued and underpaid the survey outlined the following results:

More than half of the female cybersecurity professionals in the survey have been in the industry for more than five years and more than a third for more than 10 years. When asked what excites them most about cybersecurity, 73% say solving complex problems; 65%, that it's a growing field with lots of opportunity; 48%, new technology; 46%, future innovation; and 29%, legal and regulatory aspects.

Overall the article shed a positive light on Women’s feedback on the industry.