Decipher Bureau’s 2024 Cyber Industry Predictions

Decipher Bureau’s 2024 Cyber Industry Predictions Image 1

If 2023 proved anything it’s that cyber is an exciting and eventful industry! So, as we embark on a new year, (and in-keeping with annual tradition), our DB team has consulted the oracle for their 2024 Cyber Security Predictions. See what our cyber recruitment experts have to say below!

Marcus Lavalle-Smith - Soft skills just as important as technical

"I think that a combination of holistic skills (both technical and soft) will become increasingly important for cyber security professionals in the coming year. Particularly skills like interpersonal communication, influencing, relationship-building and problem-solving, which are vital to the industry."

Matt Dunham: Threat Intelligence roles on the rise

“Threat Intelligence roles will increase in importance as enterprises seek to bolster their defences in advance of attacks. The ASIC report highlighted a lack of Incident response plans in many organisations. I think the government will increase spending in Cyber Defence particularly in Incident Response and Threat intelligence. This skill set will be in higher demand next year.”

Michael Pearman: Businesses will become more open to training and upskilling

"We’ve reached a critical mass where industry needs people, and the thing stopping their hiring is businesses’ desire to get established pros in the door. Companies will hit a point soon where they’ll be more open to training individuals than they’ve been in the past."

Matt Dunham: Legislation to be bolstered

"As attacks on critical infrastructure continue to increase, the government will continue to set new regulations which will require relevant organisations to review and uplift capability in Cyber security. This should mean increased hiring regardless of the economic conditions."

Matt Dunham: Investment in third party risk roles

"Companies will have to increase their vigilance around third parties so one would imagine that third party risk roles will increase in number in 2024."

Craig Whyte: AI's technologies start to impact the industry

"There will be the start of enterprise rollout of AI and as a result we will start to see Cyber needs requiring an understanding of AI and machine learning and then how to keep an environment secure whilst rolling out and using AI technologies."

Craig Whyte: More CISO and Head of Cyber roles

“We will see new organisations in various sectors building their in-house capability. Boards will be looking at Optus and DP world and be willing to invest more willingly.”

Craig Whyte: Zero trust on the rise

“We will see more Zero Trust security architecture, used across all sectors. This will likely mean more security architects are hired to set this all up correctly for cyber programs.”


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