How attractive is Australia for Cyber Security Professionals?

How attractive is Australia for Cyber Security Professionals? Image 1
How attractive is Australia for Cyber Security Professionals? Image 2

With cybersecurity threats and challenges continuing to spread through global networks and supply chains despite physical border restrictions in place over the past few years, the future of a resilient cybersecurity industry will require an international workforce to bring different perspectives into cyber teams. Cybersecurity professionals who can bring insight and knowledge from abroad will be valuable to the Australian cyber and technology industries.

So how attractive is Australia? In short: very! Well, we think so, but read our three main reasons Australia is and will continue to be a hotbed for attracting top cyber talent from around the world to see why.

  1. The demand and investment in cybersecurity is top of mind for Australian Government and leaders across the country

With Australian cyber solutions set to be worth AU$7.6 billion by 2024, the industry is increasingly ready to not only export cyber services globally, but also attract top foreign talent who will boost the country’s cyber capabilities and workforce. Not only is the government and national development organisations providing immense support to enabling Australia’s cybersecurity workforce, but Australia’s international rankings in cybersecurity also show just how seriously the country is taking this constantly evolving industry. Australia has the second highest level of cyber security in the Indo-Pacific, and ranks number seventh in the world for policies that support cyber security. As a country that will see another 7,000 cyber security job vacancies by 2024, Australia is undoubtedly committed to growing a competitive, resilient cyber industry. Explore the National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE) Workforce Framework National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE) Workforce Framework Dashboard to see popular cyber roles in Australia.

  1. Australia has a high quality of life, including quality education systems that are increasingly well endowed with cyber research and higher education programs

On top of its beautiful beaches and wildlife, Australia’s high living standards, a bustling and stable services-dominated economy and its attractiveness to investors make the country one of the best destinations to call home. Australia is set to remain attractive for international students with organisations like AustCyber committed to education, including cyber education program development as one of their top three priorities. They are committed to advocating for a consistent workforce framework for cyber security, coordinating the implementation of a national curriculum for Certificate and Advanced Diplomas in Cyber Security, connecting students with employers and supporting the implementation of the Academic Centres of Cyber Security Excellence.You can explore the AustCyber education map here.

  1. Although many may not realise, Australia and its visas are open to an international cyber workforce

The past two years have seen less appetite from organisations for sponsoring talent to come with uncertainties looming around border restrictions. However, new announcements are making an exciting case for cyber professionals being able to come to Australia. Australia is now accepting visa holders to travel freely into the country as long as they are double vaccinated. With cyber security being on the priority skills list, and with flights increasing and travel normalising more and more by the day, we expect hiring and recruiting international talent to continue to normalise as well and for them to be able to travel more freely with more flight availability in the coming months. We are starting to see more clients sponsoring 482 visas from offshore but these are still rare. We are expecting this to change over time as confidence resumes in candidates from overseas being able to get into Australia with less issues. Cyber professionals can use the Temporary Skill Shortage Visa or the Global Talent Visa for entry into Australia.

Are you a cyber professional or student thinking now might be the time to look into taking your career to Australia? Are you a cyber professional or student thinking now might be the time to look into taking your career to Australia? Get in touch with our specialist team of cyber security recruiters.