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Another week and another round of security breaches.

From the US Military, which had 6000 former personnel resumes and personal details released, Office365 users who were caught on the hook of a sophisticated phishing attack, Time Warner who had 4 million customer records exposed, and in an ironic sign of cyber ill health, AXA Insurance Singapore has had 5400 customer’s personal details stolen from the health portal.

Yet perhaps the most worrying is the huge breach at Equifax – where nearly 20% of held records – that‘s a staggering 143million people, have had their credit history and ratings released.

In fact, there are so many breaches lately, it is hard to find a week gone by where customers or employees are not concerned for their online stored information.  Then, week after week, another article about the importance of a strong cyber security strategy is re-announced.

Last week,  NIST release further guidelines for ransomware threats.  It does not matter where in the organisation you sit - business decision makers, technology and program managers, or IT professionals, this new guide will help lead you through the range of issues that need to be addressed in the various stages after an attack.

The report offers a very detailed and useful standard-based guide to developing cyberattack recovery strategies for any organization, and outlines the importance of developing cyber resilience.