The CYNAPSE program: creating a more diverse cyber security industry in Australia

The CYNAPSE program: creating a more diverse cyber security industry in Australia  Image 1
The CYNAPSE program: creating a more diverse cyber security industry in Australia  Image 2

The CYNAPSE program: creating a more diverse cyber security industry in Australia 

Overcoming the talent shortage in cyber security is an ongoing challenge for organisations looking to recruit and build their teams now and in the near future. Amongst the various recruitment strategies, one solution that has gained momentum is that of adopting a more diverse approach to the candidates, and their experience, who are considered for cyber roles.

A new Federal Government backed program, CYNAPSE, aims to do just that, by increasing diversity in the cyber workforce over the next 12 months, developing new employment pathways, and giving employers faster access to talent.

What is CYNAPSE?

Led by cybersecurity workforce management company FifthDomain, the Cyber National Assessment Program for Skills and Employment (CYNAPSE) will standardise cyber skills assessments to create inclusive opportunities for a potential workforce to transition into cyber careers. 

With no current industry standard in place, CYNAPSE will fill this gap, assessing and measuring a candidate’s skills and aptitude for a career in cyber. 

Focussed on attracting those outside the current cyber domain, the program also aims to increase diversity in the industry by encouraging women, neurodiverse people, First Nations Australians, transitioning veterans, and people in remote areas to consider cyber career opportunities.

How will CYNAPSE Benefit Employers? 

“For employers looking to hire people new to cyber security – juniors, graduates or career changers; the CYNAPSE program enables organisations to make better recruitment decisions whilst creating a more diverse cyber workforce by removing the bias often seen in the recruitment process”

Matt Wilcox, FifthDomain Founder & CEO

It goes without saying, the more points of entry there are to obtaining cyber security talent, the faster organisations can build teams and capability. 

Some of the key benefits that CYNAPSE will deliver to recruiters and organisations include:

  • The opportunity to find and build a diverse and inclusive cyber workforce
  • Reduce time to fill roles, and recruit with less risk
  • Removing barriers to entry and any conscious bias by supplementing traditional recruitment techniques like interviews with objective, standardised skills assessments that don’t include demographic/biographic data
  • Whilst preparing people for working in a Security Operations Centre, it will also provide employers and recruiters with important insights such as where people might need extra training or where their strengths already lie.

From a recruiter’s point of view, Decipher Bureau Director Paul Jenkins notes,  “The CYNAPSE program is extremely encouraging - as the cyber security industry continues to grapple with both a talent shortage and a lack of diversity, it's exciting to see the federal government embrace a program that will hopefully go some way to addressing the talent and diversity issues so prevalent in this growth industry”.

As one of Australia’s fastest growing sectors, with no signs of slowing down, cyber security will continue to drive a need for rapid capability building and securing talent. Utilising a program like CYNAPSE gives organisations and recruiters the opportunity to find candidates from a much wider pool than previously considered or available, and harness the benefits that come from diverse experience and skills.

If you’d like any more information about recruiting or retaining top cyber security talent, or if you’re looking for your next cyber security role, reach out to the Decipher Bureau team. With offices across Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra - and an experienced team around the world, we’d love to help you out.

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