The Top Cyber Security Conferences and Events You Need To Know About

The Top Cyber Security Conferences and Events You Need To Know About Image 1
The Top Cyber Security Conferences and Events You Need To Know About Image 2

Attending a Cyber Security Conference is a great way to learn from experts and drastically improve your knowledge over the course of just a few days, while also expanding your professional network. We’ve handpicked some of the best cyber security conferences that take place around Australia throughout the year so you can save time searching and instead, use it to get prepared.

Do you have your calendar ready? Mark the following events so you don’t miss out.

AWSN IWD | March 9

The International Women’s Day event is a powerful collaboration between AWSN, ISACA Melbourne Boards and ISACA Sydney. If you went along, you would know its organisers encourage attendees to lean into a theme for the day and boost healthy debate around a certain related topic and this year it was #ChooseToChallenge.

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Tusk Con | March 19-20

Now running in its third year, Tusk Con is a hacking camp with emphasis on practical hands-on learning. Over the course of two days, participate in various activities set against the beautiful backdrop of the Sunshine Coast.

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BrisSec | March 26

March marked the 7th annual Brisbane Security Conference. This is one of the more social conferences on the list, purposefully designed to encourage collaboration and discussion amongst top cyber security talent in the industry.

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Women In Tech Fest | May 10 - 12

A recent event which showcased some of the most cutting-edge innovations in the world of technology, allowed participants to meet potential mentors and inspired the crowd with the next generation of female leaders in the tech space.

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AusCert2022 | May 10- 13

In addition to attracting more than 50 speakers, AusCert 2022 offered a huge line up of practical workshops and tutorials. This year, offered both in-person or virtual attendance which made for an impressive turn-out. Be sure to keep this one top of mind for next year.

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AISA Australian Cyber Conference | May 31 - June 2

It’s not too late to get to Canberra as they get set to host some of the industry’s top experts for keynote speeches, interesting panel sessions and face-to-face demonstrations at this world-class cyber conference.

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Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit | June 21 - 22

Join like-minded peers at the Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit as you learn more about cybersecurity, IT risk management strategy, planning, industry insights and, that’s just the start.

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Cyber Con Connect | June 21

Taking place next month in Sydney, Cyber Con Connect draws a crowd of talented information security professionals from across the country to tackle significant issues like advancing online safety for the public, businesses and government. 

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BSides | July 16 & More

BSides follows a community-driven framework for its events and their goal is to open up the conversation of cyber security, beyond mainstream topics. It’s hosted and run by two passionate cyber security professionals across Brisbane, Canberra, Sydney and Melbourne - which is back this year after a small hiatus. This interactive event is a must-attend.
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Future of Security | September 1

The Future of Security is a virtual gathering and the must-attend conference for professionals in the financial and security services. Get set to discuss and debate some of the biggest threats and challenges facing the sector.

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CrikeyCon | September 3

Now in its 8th year, this community-led conference encourages a more informal style of connection and knowledge sharing. Based in South East Queensland, the event has presentations, demonstrations and workshops with industry professionals. Decipher Bureau are sponsors of CrikeyCon, and help to run CrikeyConnect - which is an excellent opportunity for new entrants in the industry to talk to experienced cyber professionals and recruitment experts.

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Cyber Awareness Month | October

A little different to a conference, this is Cyber Awareness Month in which Australians are urged to take simple steps to better protect themselves from common online threats and cybercrime. If you are a professional in this space, it’s definitely something you need to lean into.

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The Australian Cyber Conference | October 11-13

Melbourne is set to provide business leaders with key insights and industry best practice, with     an impressive lineup of keynote speakers, panel discussions and live demonstrations.

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The AWSN awards Night | October 12

Once a year, the security industry gathers together to celebrate the wins of those working in Australian IT Security, and particularly the females who are leading the way. It’s a feel good night in Sydney which honours the accomplishments, value, and contributions of those professionals who are helping to shape the sector.

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HCKSYD | November 2022

If you’re in the industry, you’ve likely heard of this one as HCKSYD is one of the premier Cyber Security Conferences. Some of the brightest minds in the industry come together for a few days of learning and collaboration in Sydney.

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CrestCon Australia | 2023

Continuing on from more than 10 years of success in the UK, this conference has a reputation for attracting an impressive lineup of speakers and attracts a range of professionals, from graduates and interns to CISOs. With the 2022 conference now behind us, set your eyes on next year’s big event.

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If you’re headed to one of these conferences, you’ll likely run into the expert team from Decipher Bureau.Come say hello and we’ll connect you with some of the cyber security leaders from our expansive industry network. If you have any other related queries in the meantime, be sure to reach out as our team is always happy to help.