The top skill sets in cyber in the next 5 years?

The top skill sets in cyber in the next 5 years? Image 1

The cyber security industry is ever-changing, as are the skills needed for emerging roles in the industry. As recruiters we’re well positioned to see what skills many organisations are asking for when they’re looking for talent and we’ve noticed a number of qualities in candidates that have become more sought after. For those professionals currently in the industry and graduates who are starting out their careers, here’s a look into the top skill sets we think are going to take off over the next 5 years. 

Cloud skills

Cloud adoption has obviously soared over the last few years and so too has the need for cyber security professionals who understand cloud really well. For enterprises, the surge towards cloud services, and away from data centres for hosting their sensitive data - reveals an opportunity for cyber experts. Industry professionals interested in this branch of security should invest in learning about cloud infrastructure, configuration of environments, data protection, access control as well as cloud security.

AI Skills

Artificial intelligence is an exciting technology that presents many opportunities but also a lot of challenges in terms of security. The global uptake of the tech across industries like finance, healthcare and transport is escalating, and many businesses are even using it to develop software, and build out better internal and external processes. Unfortunately, AI-powered attacks are now far too common and are only set to increase as adaptive automated malware becomes more intelligent. For cyber professionals, understanding AI and how to use it for threat detection and incident response will mean that we can adapt to the risk and hopefully beat ill-intentioned AI at its own game.

Leadership and Board skills

Gartner has predicted that by 2026, 70% of boards will include at least one member with expertise in cyber security. While we're already seeing an increase in the number of CSO and CISO roles, this looks to continue into the future as more organisations build out their internal security departments. A soft skill that goes hand in hand with being at the top would be communication, and the ability to explain more complex cyber security concepts and technologies in a simple and effective way. While the world catches up to cyber there will always be a need for education about security to non-security professionals within an organisation.

Governance and Risk

There will always be a need for GRC as the industry evolves. As technology and security changes this will be reflected in updates in compliance certifications and new frameworks too. Having a solid understanding of frameworks such as ISO 27001 etc.. will be invaluable when implementing robust security measures and being compliant. Along with this, data privacy laws will only become more comprehensive and far reaching. GDPR and similar regulations will also adapt, so a strong understanding of GRC and keeping on top of the updates will stand any cyber professional in good stead.

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