Why is Networking important in the Cyber Security

Why is Networking important in the Cyber Security  Image 1

Whether you’re new to the cyber security industry or a seasoned professional you really can’t go past networking for creating human connection and feeling a sense of camaraderie in your industry. While going to an event where you might have to make small talk may be your personal idea of hell, the benefits really can outweigh those perceived drawbacks. For recruiters, it won’t come as a shock to hear that we talk to people all day and regularly attend events. But for cyber professionals who are maybe less certain on networking (or might be a bit introverted),  we’ve put together the benefits along with a couple of helpful tips for how to make networking work for you.

What are some of the benefits of networking?


Connecting with other people in the industry gives us a sense of belonging to a bigger community,  not to mention it’s good for our mental health as well. And that goes for recruiters too, we enjoy getting out to these events and being a part of the community that we serve.

 “I enjoy networking at events because of the human experience and the opportunity to get to know people in the industry better. At CrikeyCon, for example, I got an opportunity to provide pivotal market advice, on how to help someone land an interview or to help someone take the next step in their career. For me – it’s a fulfilling feeling when I hear someone say, “Wow, I haven’t tried that. Thank you.” Along with this, these events help me stay up to date in the industry and continuously learn.”

- Jasmine McCrudden, Senior Consultant


Especially in an industry that is changing so rapidly it’s so important to keep abreast of changes in technology or techniques and up to date on the latest trends and threats.

Career Opportunities

Networking is so helpful in progressing your career. It can also help to form new partnerships, maybe even develop opportunities for eg. new job roles or speaking at/participating in other events.

So what are some tips for attending these events?

Tip 1 - Buddy up 

For some people heading to a networking event solo can be pretty daunting, so if you’re able to, come with a work buddy or someone you know in the industry. Alternatively you could reach out to someone attending on Linkedin and see if they’re keen to grab a coffee at the event so you have someone to hang with.

Tip 2 - Come Prepared

Do your research on the event and maybe the speakers as it can give you a couple of things to talk about, also maybe have a few notes on yourself prepared if you’re a bit nervous. This doesn’t need to be an elevator pitch but just who you are, what you do and where you’re working so you’re not stumped and put on the spot.

Tip 3 - Get Involved

If there’s break out workshops, hackathons or activities get amongst it! These types of teamwork projects are great ways to interact with a smaller group of people, not to mention have fun doing something that’s work related that isn’t actual work.

Tip 4 - Stay Engaged

After the event, reach out to the event hosts, interact on Linkedin, on their Slack channels, connect with the speakers, or other professionals who attended on Linkedin. But as with all of these things make sure you’re being respectful and genuine.

Tip 5 - Find your Tribe

There are so many different types of cyber security networking events nowadays. Maybe you’re looking for a smaller ‘Meetup’ style event, or perhaps you’re after a big keynote speaker style multi-day professional development event? There are also great niches for sub specialties in cyber, Women in Security and diversity groups as well.  We’ve listed out a bunch of the events we regularly attend as well as organisations that we sponsor and partner with below to make life easier. 

AISA https://www.aisa.org.au/ 

Australian Women’s Security Network https://www.awsn.org.au/ 

BSides Brisbane - https://bsidesbrisbane.com/ 

BSides Sydney - https://www.bsides.sydney/ 

BSides Melbourne - https://www.bsidesmelbourne.com/ 

BSides Canberra - https://www.bsidesau.com.au/ 

OWASP - https://www.meetup.com/Brisbane-OWASP-Meetup-Group/ 

CrikeyCon - https://crikeycon.com/ 

Splunk - https://usergroups.splunk.com/brisbane-splunk-user-group/ 

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