Why leadership is a solid retention strategy

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So you just got dumped by your cyber security talent and you're left wondering where it all went wrong.

At Decipher, we're one of the first to hear from cyber security talent when they're ready to change jobs. These discussions usually include a vent about the frustrations that exist in their current position. One of the regular complaints we hear is about a lack of leadership, which got us thinking about the unique challenges involved with leading a cyber security team.

Many companies are still catching up to the reality of cyber security threats. Even in companies that take cyber security seriously, there are people and functions that don't understand the risks and implications.

This isn't a tick the box function. You don't manage your risk by simply creating a cyber security position. The very nature of the function requires changes to normal business operations; and change ALWAYS brings some degree of resistance. Whoever leads your cyber security team is going to have to come up against this resistance.

You cyber security leader needs to understand the risks and explain them clearly. They'll have to have hard conversations, challenge the status quo, clear bureaucratic red tape and negotiate with recalcitrant parts of the business to come up with viable solutions. The battle to protect your company's assets starts inside the company.

Your cyber security team know their leader won't win every internal battle. They won't leave their leader for not winning every battle; but they'll leave their leader for never trying.

Yes, change is uncomfortable; but not as uncomfortable as getting hosed by an attacker. Your cyber security talent wants to protect your assets; they want to have an impact, and they'll expect their recommendations to be taken seriously. Don't ask them to do their job with their hands tied behind their backs. Give them a courageous leader who'll help clear internal hurdles so they can get on with their job.

If you want to make your relationship with your cyber security talent last longer, give them a strong leader. If you need help finding the right leader, get in touch with the Decipher Bureau team.